Hiding Under the Covers

I am at one of those places in my life where I just want to climb under a blanket and stay there until I feel ready to deal with life. Now that I’ve stated that, it dawns on me that I am over due from taking a break which is probably why I feel so down.

I picked up a piece of furniture today for our new house.In due course I found myself on a very narrow road with trees on both sides. It was raining so gently that for a minute it looked like England and I wished I were there. I imagine my cousin offering me tea and Jaffa cakes, filling me in on the progress of their restoration projects on Tudor Cottage. Maybe I’d take her dog, Nell for a walk down by the canals or lean over the rock wall around the Norman church reading the moss covered head stones.

I’m not sure what it is that makes the English countryside feel like a comforting mom. Whenever I am worn down, I find myself wishing I was there.

Since I can’t go to England, maybe I’ll just stay hidden beneath my blankets.


English Countryside


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