In the past month, I haven’t had a single opportunity to read or to write anything. We moved into a new house, a project that was all consuming since I have a library of about 3,000 books. Moving a library is like moving twice, first you move your family along with all the household stuff then you move a second time and bring your books. My new library is sort of settled and so is my office. My old library had to be housed in an ugly unfinished basement whereas my new library has finished walls and a ceramic tile floor. My old house left me with very little personal space and my new house offers spacious rooms and an office with windows that look out to a wooded field. I am happy I moved and stunned at how much more house an extra $100.00 a month bought me. But, now that the time siege is over I feel literally stopped up. So even though my life has resumed a more natural course I may not surface again for another 30 days… just so I can catch up on all the items that went unwritten and all the books that went unopened and all the stories that went unheard.

As discussed in a previous blog, I opened an Audible account because I just couldn’t cram enough books into an ordinary day so I experimented with other delivery options. Among the things I tried was listening to books on my MP3 player  which I loved.  The only shortfall was the limitations of my cheap MP3 player.

In my search for the least expensive material I tried  Simply Audio an audio account service that functions similar to Netflix. You could check out as many audio-books as you wanted in a month for a flat fee. I thought this was a winning concept expect out of 20 titles on my wish list not one was available. For weeks I waited and most of the titles I requested were not even new or highly sought after titles. The wait meant that I got very few audio-books, which made the flat fee paid not worth price. I cancelled my account after a single month. Then tried buying CD on the internet, copying them to iTunes and exporting them to my son’s iPod. That strategy worked fine as long as his player wasn’t left of “shuffle” mode although I have to admit that converting all the files was slightly time consuming.

Of all methods my Audible account is the most expensive option but the quality and fuss free listening has kept me coming back month after month. I usually download one audio-book a month except this month. After downloading Alice Sebold’s new book The Almost Moon, I noticed a special offer on an audio-book by Neil Gaimon.I’ve been curious about Gaimon’s writing because my good friend Mary, mother of the Woo Woo Teacup Journal, spoke very highly of his work. Since Mary’s endorsements caused me to purchase the Sixth Extinction and Amy Tan’s Saving Fish from Drowning, I couldn’t resist the purchase. I downloaded Coraline…after that I downloaded the Neil Gaimon Audio Collection. I haven’t imported the files yet but I found myself drawn by the excerpts posted on the Audible website.

There’s just so much to write, so much to read and so much to listen to, I can’t wait to dive in.  My children are leaving me alone for the whole weekend. I may ignore the phone, the door, dressing and even the shower.




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2 responses to “Bliss

  1. woowooteacup

    Alright, darling, we shan’t come knocking this weekend! Gaiman is fabulous. It’ll be doubly delicious if he narrates his own audio collection because he has a wonderful British accent. Have fun reading and listening and writing! 🙂

  2. For you Ms. Woo Woo, my door is always open and your tea cup will always be full. A British accent? Purrrfect!

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