Haunted by the Zebra Costume

Yes, I realize that Halloween is over but I just couldn’t drop the subject for the year without posting my son in the now infamous Zebra costume.

When he was young I paid more than I could afford for a Zebra costume. From that day on it was used and reused until Lord knows how many years later.  I just never fell out of love with the costume. Heck, I only saw it once a year. When he out grew the whole Zebra motif the costume was passed on to his younger sister who was next in line to be plagued.

Zebra costume

Years later I ran across this picture of him in the Zebra costume and showed it to him,  he moaned like a someone who ate too much candy…and that was sort of the case. More to the point he was a guy who wore the Zebra costume one too many times. Instead of invoking fun Halloween memories, it induced a response that was equal to wanting to vomit. Who knew?

Interestingly enough his sister’s response wasn’t a whole lot different, although she was vocal in her refusal to wear the costume. Her true Halloween nightmare involved a rotund Mike Wazowski (sp. ?) costume where her little face peered out the round hole where the character’s eye was supposed to be, and her swizzle stick legs poked out the ginormous bottom….hey, she picked it not me, but that is another story for another day.

So, in the end it wasn’t the Trick or Treater’s who did the haunting, it was the Trick or Treater’s in my house who were actually the haunted … by the costume that just wouldn’t go away.

 Now, the photo is burned into history on the eternal blogisphere and the Zebra haunting continues.



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