After the Party

On Thursday I hosted dinner for my son’s 26th birthday. We invited his grandparents, father and younger brother to join us. Since they aren’t people I see very often it is always wonderful to spend time with them.

For dinner I served a boneless pork roast with roasted Rosemary. It was a really big roast, so after everyone had their fill there was about one-quarter of the original cut left. I’m not a fan of left overs because they usually taste as good as they sound “left over”. Pork is always the expection, I love left over pork with mashed potatoes and gravy but this time I deviated from the norm and did something completely different. I made Sweet and Sour pork out of the left overs.  It was so easy and delicious I thought I’d pass it on.

Sweet & Sour Pork

3/4 lb. left over pork, sliced or cubed

1 small can of Mandarin oranges with juices

1 can Pineapple chunks with juice

1 small yellow or green pepper cut into strips

Sprinkle in match stick carrots

1/4 cup Water

1/4 cup Catsup

1/4 cup Vinegar

6 tsp. Sugar

2 tsp. Worchester Sauce

1 tsp. Soy Sauce

1.5 tbs Cornstarch

2tbs. Water

Combine all ingredients (except the cornstarch and 2 tbs. Water) and simmer until thoroughly heated.  Add the cornstarch to the 2 tbs. water and add to other ingredients stir until desired thickness. Serve over a bed of rice.




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