From the Pages of my 17 Year Old, Dwindles, Chanlen and Trudeo

I have a 17 year old daughter who loves to write. The gift of narrative and fiction flows through her like the Platte River next door. Because she is young and writing comes easy to her she trivializes her own work and figures anyone can do it. Honestly, I make more corrections than she does.

Nonetheless, she gave me permission to post a small chunk of fantasy fiction that she’s been working on. I think she’s amazing for such a young girl, then again I’m her mother, I’m bias.

Chapter One

Trudeo and I walked down the dark damp cobblestone road, it was dimly lit by the occasional lamp. I peeked down at Trudeo who walked strong next to me, his head high. I couldn’t help but smile at him; we made a good team him and I.

Trudeo was a Wolf, black as night with piercing blue eyes. He was harmless towards me but deadly to others. He was my Dwindle, which from what Trudeo explained to me is more of a guardian. Each child is given one by the Chanlen that delivers them.

Chanlen are a type of Shaman that help mothers through pregnancy making sure there are no complications. When the baby is born the Chanlen look into the babies eyes to see their future and give them the Dwindle that is best suited for the life ahead of them. Since I ended up with a huge black Wolf and others had small mice, I came to the conclusion that my future would be a horrible thing.

Trudeo and I were more connected than most humans and Dwindle’s, Trudeo could hear my thoughts. I couldn’t hear his which was annoying at times but being the silly human girl Trudeo thinks I am, he often drowns out the mumble in my mind.

“You’re going to have to find someone Celene, if you’re going to sleep in an Inn tonight. The streets are beginning to look bare,” he grumbled.

“I know Tru, I will find someone,” I said, sounding more hopeful than I felt.

An elderly man walked out of a pub a few feet ahead of us. My heart sank knowing what I had to do. He stopped to put on his black gloves and scarf and then began walking, I sighed.

There,” Trudeo whispered.

I’ll type more in later….



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4 responses to “From the Pages of my 17 Year Old, Dwindles, Chanlen and Trudeo

  1. LexRay

    Hey, I think I wrote that!

    Mom, since I’m reading your blog now.. Maybe you should watch what you say and not rely on the fact that I’m a silly teenage girl who isn’t interested in what her mother thinks…Frankly I’m not interested.. But, I do like to read about what you think about moi.

    I am a good writter huh?

    – Love you.

    -Your un-godly beautiful daughter. =]

    ps. I want some oreo’s.. and a husky… Please =]

  2. Dear Daughter,
    Thank you for the warning shot I’ll refrain from assuming you’re a silly teenage girl who isn’t interest in what her mother thinks. Since you’re suddenly taking an interest in what I’m thinking…I think you shouldn’t “pop” when you dance, it’s unsettling and makes me want to call the chiropractor.

    In answer to your other questions: Yes, you’re an amazing writer. I love you around the world and back again.

    Oreo’s: Yes
    An Alaskan Husky? Not in a million.

  3. LexRay

    Listen lady I don’t know who you think you are.. But I’m going to be a famous novelist one day and a Primatologist.. So I would start buying me puppies early or else when your old you will be eating paste with all the other old timers in the homes.. Haha I’m just kidding you can live in my basement when you get senile.. But I do recommend the puppies.. Or else you will just live on table scraps…

    Okay on a serious note.. Although I was very serious about most of that… You can’t dance either so I don’t think I need to take advice from you in the department. And a huskie would get me out of your hair, I would be to busy playing with it to bug you =]

    Either way this summer when I turn 18 expect a huskie to be coming home with me one day.

    You know that story with Trudeo… I have about 78 pages hand written out.. Plus the hundred stuck in my head..

    Well I started my own blog where I will be posting more =]

    I love you Mother Goose.

  4. Dear Daughter,
    Who knew you could be so mouthy on paper, sheesh!

    As far as the Husky goes…should you come home at the age of 18 with any animal large or small, you’ll find yourself living alone… in the dog house.

    Keep in mind that in any democracy you have the right to cast your vote, which you have done and I have listened. You asked for Oreo’s and a Husky. Using my line item veto power the Oreo’s have passed both the House and Senate and are now reside in the pantry. The Husky on the other hand is a provision that I’ve vetoed since you already have a food chain (fish, chincilla, cat and dog.)

    While I agree that a Yorkshire Terrier is a sad excuse for a dog (even sadder that poor Jack couldn’t find a steak even if it had a homing devise.) he is a part of the family, He barks on command, never bites, he tells us when he needs to be fed, he also tells us when the cat needs to be fed. If all that isn’t enough he’s the only one in the house who knows how to crawl on his belly and grovel shamelessly.

    And just in case you were wondering, a team of mushers and a dog sled is off limits too. With that I suggest you go rekindle your friendship with you’re trampoline.

    Love you Button.

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