Now that were are more or less settled in our new house I’ve gone back to work on my novel. The book is coming so fast and with such ease that I am having a hard time dedicating myself to anything else.

Yesterday, my house was buried under about 7 inches of snow. I planned to spend my day baking cookies and sweet breads but when I woke up my story was already clipping along inside my head and I ended up hammering out about 2000 words. I really wanted to keep going by my daughter was looking lonely so she offered to give a personal concert and played Christmas music on her violin for me. It’s nice when her and I are in writing mode at the same time. I fell asleep early the other night while she cranked out 13 handwritten pages.

This leads me to another subject. Since she writes by hand then types her fiction work into the computer I think I found her the perfect Christmas gift, a recent invention called the FLY-pentop. While you write it keeps track of everything your putting down on paper, when you’ve finished you can load it to a word-processing program. It also calculates math while you write it out and can be used as a document scanner. I can spill the beans here because she doesn’t read my blog:)

My daughter was the one who found it and I thought it was a cool idea especially for someone who writes fiction by hand. We’ll see how well it works, but it got good reviews in Business Week, its target market is 9-14 year olds but its word processing capability makes it of special interest to writers who like to produce on paper. Prices vary a lot from site to site, Walmart online appears to have the best price. Don’t bother trying to look at in store because there only available in certain stores.

Falling into Fiction,




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2 responses to “Absent

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  2. woowooteacup

    Congrats on the output, Jody. Isn’t a snowstorm a great excuse to write?

    Tell your daughter she’s a sweetheart for treating you to a private performance. 🙂

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