There is little question that the very first work of fiction I chose is an unrealistic undertaking by anyone standards. My writing has come so far since I began this mission and I love the story I’m creating more today than I did when I started. Once we got moved and settled in our new house I felt like a gear in my head shifted, the book started gushing out and hasn’t quit. It’s almost like I finally grasp something that was needed and everything just spilled from there.

I deliberately skipped a word count today because I think I irked a friend and felt sort sorry that I mentioned it. I never used to do a word count until I read Stephen King who said to shoot for 1500 words a day and recently that has come effortlessly so my daily word count is always a curiosity to see how close I can able to come. I never make myself write until I hit 1500 words, I just write and see what I have when its time to pay attention to the rest of my life. I kid you not, if I didn’t have a family and a business to run, I’d eat dinner and kick out another 1500. I’m so in love with how this story is developing that it tinges the tone of the rest of my day…in a really lovely way.

 My family will be away for the weekend, I hope I have a huge chunk of time were I don’t have to pry myself away. When I quit today at 2 it wasn’t because I was ready by any stretch of the imagination. I wish, wish, wish I had a chunk of time that nothing at all was expected of me. I could just burrow into my room with my laptop and run with it. I wonder how far I would get? I wonder if I’d finally run out? I can’t picture that but who knows..

It’s exciting to recognize my own learning curve as a fiction writer and to see my skill and my understanding evolve. My grip on this gotten so strong and that feels really good. 2 months ago finishing this book felt like an if, but I just couldn’t forget about it, today that if has turned to a (sigh) when.



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3 responses to “Progress

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  2. woowooteacup

    I’m not irked in the least, darling. Go for it! I like word counts because it feels like I’m accomplishing something. It’s hard for me to reach Stephen King’s goal of 1,500 words a day on fiction because I mull things over too much. If you were to add what I manage to get in a day on fiction with my blogging count and the other things I jot down, I might come out to 1,500 words, but I don’t count those other things because they’re not as hard as fiction is for me. Write and count away! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on finishing your novel Ms. Woowoo! Thanks for the last chapters, I can’t wait to read it. I hope the Blue Bird of Happiness keeps chirping under your desk!

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