Beyond New Years

I have 2 goals for 2008, one is to finish my novel The Eyes to See Grace which in my blogging absences I have been working on feverishly, The other is to loose 10 lbs.

I’ve justified my lack of exercise by telling myself that all my clothes are 4’s and 5’s, surely at 46 those sizes are acceptable.  Except I used to wear a size 0 and ate whatever I wanted but I was too thin. When I turned 40 and quit smoking I moved into 2’s and 3’s. My shape had never looked better except I kept gaining and added 2 more sizes to my whispy 5 foot frame. Now when I look in the mirror I see a figure that reminds me of a cocktail weenie and I hate it. 

It’s a vast waste of a perfectly good body and there just isn’t any excuse for it. My gene’s were such that I carried 3 babies and didn’t register so much a stretch mark and my skin firmed up on its own. Whenever I switched doctors’ they’d ask what happened to my pregnancies because I didn’t look like I ever gave birth. I attribute this to ballet lessons and being fit prior to pregnancy but who knows. Either way, the telltale marks of child birth eluded me and with a modest amount of effort I could not only improve my health but I could quit looking like a weenie and quit dressing around my trouble spots…I could even go back to stealing my daughter’s jeans.

Since one of the obstacles to getting exercise has been winter weather, I consulted Craigslist and found a reasonably priced treadmill then drove to Nisswa to pick it up. When I came home I turned on my audiobook, The Thirteenth Tales and I walked for 2.5 miles.

The only one who objected was our Yorkshire Terrier, Jack. Jack recognizes my walking shoes and sat at attention next to the treadmill for a while. When I finished my walk and slipped my shoes off he laid next to them and whined. I considered walking him a short distance outside knowing full well he would be shivering within minutes even with his sweater on but I just couldn’t muster the stamina just to prove a point to a dog.



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4 responses to “Beyond New Years

  1. woowooteacup

    You do NOT look like a cocktail weenie, woman! Exercise is a good thing, though, so congrats on the treadmill. Do you know that you can train Jack to walk on it, if he’ll let you. If he won’t, you can hire Cesar Millan. We saw him train a dog to do this on his show.

  2. You are too kind. Didn’t you know that I sing the Oscar Mayer weiner song to myself? Maybe I never mentioned it, it’s a form of denial.

    I’ll pass on training Jack to walk on the treadmill. He’s usually so excited when we start out on a walk that he gags for the first quarter mile. We call it walking the goose because he makes honking noise.

  3. Marsha

    A cocktail weenie? The mind boggles!

    Alas, I have the same problem at the moment. For me, step one to resolving it is to find a goal that will commit me to exercise and diet. The goal I’ve chosen is a bushwalking (hiking) trip in the Outback this July. People do all sorts of things to reduce the weight of their pack (eg putting a small amount of toothpaste in a film cannister rather than carry a whole tube) but the heaviest thing they must take up and down the hills is their body. And I know from experience that when you hit the tough parts of a walk, you curse every gram of extra flab! Marsha

  4. Thanks for commenting. Bushwalking the Outback sounds more exciting than my treadmill!

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