Saving My Work

During my blogging absences I’ve recently completed a full 7 chapters of my novel. As my work gradually formed an actual book I became nervous about loosing information should something happen to my computer. I started emailing a copy to myself but later decided to buy a flash drive so I could not only work from any computer but in the event of a fire I could easily grab the small drive and take it with me.

In late December I purchased a Corsair flash drive and began toting my book from computer to computer working on it where ever I could. I backed up my files just about every week saving a copy to my laptop.

As of yesterday, I owned the flash drive for about 30 days. After saving my work to it the casing on the flash drive pulled off as I went to remove it from the USB port. It appeared to only be held together by a dot of glue. Once the case became detached it lost my entire novel.

Since I was due to back up my files that day I lost approximately 6 days of editing or 100KB of data. I really thought I was going to throw up. My worst fear brought to life by the item I purchased to prevent such an event.

Do I want a replacement flash drive? Hell no! I want my 100KB of editing back.



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3 responses to “Saving My Work

  1. Yikes, you have just written of every author’s worst nightmare
    (well, that and a house fire that destroys a lifetime of work–why don’t these fires ever wipe out the bad manuscripts of some of the fantasy and romance hacks out there?).

    I’m very careful of backing up material–and getting a good hard copy as soon as I can in case the worst happens (knock wood).

    This is a good post, an excellent reminder to your colleagues to BE CAREFUL…

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful note. It’s too bad that I didn’t spend the week roughing in the next chapter, it would have been easier to pick up the pieces. The editing covered about 7 chapters…not pretty.

    I haven’t read it though yet, I’m going to letting it rest then I’ll print the 7 chapters and type it back in editing as I go so I don’t feel so disconnected from it.

    Unfortunately, there were parts that I added that were really lovely and I’m afraid I won’t recover all of those sections. That having been said, it’s easy to see writing as technical but the aspects that I can’t readily recover is the art.

    The bright side is that my week was busier than usual so I didn’t spend my days slogging out 2000 words a day either.

    I think I’ll start emailing a copy to myself.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Marsha

    I recently (9 Jan.) wrote in detail about backing up ( because I reckon it’s better to be paranoid than sorry! It’s worth reading Tudi’s attached comment as well, which has some good suggestions. Marsha

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