Repealing Murphy’s Law

I’m having a less than stellar week and Murphy’s Law has announced its arrival with authority.

It began with my flash drive loosing 100 to 150 KB of data when the casing slid off after a mere 4 weeks of use. Thank you for that ineffective spot of glue Corsair. In my universe you’re taking up permanent residence in the doghouse, maybe the pig pen, strike that I’m kicking your ass to the curb.

But it didn’t stop there because the treadmill I purchased croaked after just 5 miles, now I have to track down the seller and sort the issue out. Naturally this happened after I made Fettuccine with shrimp Alfredo sauce, justifying the butter and whipping creme by telling myself I’d walk it off after dinner. It was divine, but my treadmill wouldn’t budge.

After that came the hair cut incident, vain as it is I can survive anything if my hair’s cute. Since I have a wedding to attend this weekend I purposely over grew my hair cut so when I had the very ends taken off it would be the prefect length. I explained this in detail to the stylist at Fantastic Sam’s, she had nice hair so I felt remotely confident even though she had never cut my hair before. As she began cutting I got the distinct feeling she was one of those nervous sorts who, in their constant state of anxiety, leak data like a defective bladder. She’d stare blankly and every so often I thought I saw a bubble above her head captioning the words…”now what was I supposed to be doing?” 

She sheared an good inch leaving me with about a half inch of hair.  The worst part was when she asked if I wanted my bangs short or long…I deliberated and she snapped, “you have to decide.” I said long, since my deliberating irked her. She cut them to the middle of my forehead which made me to wonder just where they would have ended up if I would’ve told her to cut them short. I’m thinking the answer would have been, the waste basket.

Now I’m in such a bad mood that I’d like to go back and ruin her perfectly groomed tress just to be hateful.



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2 responses to “Repealing Murphy’s Law

  1. woowooteacup

    Oh, that would be tempting! What if all hairdressers had a clause wherein if their customers weren’t satisfied, the customers would get a whack at their hairdressers’ hair?

  2. Here’s my claws (clause): Hairdressers who are mentally incontinent or lack proper listening skills should never be given any sharp instruments including scissors! I have a half inch of hair left!!! A half inch! Which is fine if your Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn or Sharon Stone…but Jo Shmoe!

    On a brighter note, I did manage to zip a skirt that was too tight last month…here’s loosing inches.

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