55 and Falling

My son woke me up this morning as he was getting ready to leave for school. He attends Central Lakes Community College and usually gets up around 7ish. He woke me because our furnace tanked during the night and the house was 57 degrees. Since my outdoor thermometer read 20 below zero  I wasted little time calling Lee’s Heating and air conditioning. 45 minutes later they arrived and said the problem wasn’t as simple as some of the other issued we’ve had and that they’d have to go back to their office and locate the needed part. They promised to be back asap.

Its only been 15 minutes since the repair person left but I’m freezing and frustrated with the furnace. I rent the house I am living in and the furnace has required repair work 3 times since November. I’m just glad that with such cold temperatures that Lee’s Heating has been so responsive and that there isn’t a back log of customers waiting in line for servicing. Its just too cold to be with out heat!

Somewhere in the house there is a pair of fingerless heated gloves that draw heat from the USB port on your computer..I wish I knew where I packed them.


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