39 and Holding

When I woke up this morning it was 39 degrees on the main floor of my house. Making coffee was a bit like winter camping and even though I warmed my office with a space heater the keyboard to the computer retained such a chill my fingers froze.

By 1 p.m. the furnace part arrived and we were back up and running. The heat ran for hours trying to get the temperature above frost bite and I aided the process by baking cookies, roasting pork and Au Gratin potatoes… then I threw together a pot of Turkey Dumpling soup.

Now I should clean the kitchen and walk on my treadmill :I



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2 responses to “39 and Holding

  1. woowooteacup

    Holy cow, woman! What a chilling turn of events. We should’ve invited you over for a sleepover. Glad the furnace part arrived – and none too soon!

  2. The floors retained so much cold, I felt chilled through all night. My mom invited us for a sleep over but we declined and did our best to keep the second floor warm.

    Actually, its so poorly insulated and the duct work is the wrong size I’m not sure we even get heat up there anyway. I just ran the space heater for a short time then shut it off, when I woke up it was no colder than it ever was. That was telling.

    Nonetheless, I’m now tracking behind schedule and Nick’s car appears to need a new battery.

    Can everything just work for one day?

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