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For the next month HarperCollins has posted a free online copy of Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods.

Since it’s unusual to find a free book I scrolled through the copy posted on HarperCollins website anticipating that a huge chunk of the middle would be missing  thankfully it was all there. Very cool.  The above link allows you to browse the book. To take full advantage of this offer and read the whole story click the link here –> It may take a minute to load: American Gods by Neil Gaimon.

As a side note, Neil Gaimon grew up in England not too far from the Isle of Wight and my cousin Elaine, after Gaimon married he moved to Minnesota and now resides…you guessed it, not too far from me:).

I was pleased to see American Gods posted for free because its on my “must read” list along with Gaimon’s book Neverwhere.

Also, feel free to check out Gaimon’s websiteand journal, he’s recently posted photos including ones of his dog. I was glad to see photos of Gaimon’s dog, Gaimon found the dog on the side of the road. He washed him up and discovered he was a really beautiful white dog, he’s had him ever since. Gaimon’s dog reminds me of a neighbor dog that used to come around whenever I lit the grill. She’d lay on my steps so it was nearly impossible to open the screen door to get to the grill. I don’t recall her name because it was something from a Disney movie…maybe Nala, anyway the dog had blue eyes and periodically stopped by for dinner with my family, one day she just stopped coming.

I knew where Nala lived and whenever she came to my house with her running chain dragging behind her I would walk her back home even though I would have preferred keeping her. She was always covered in ticks and wanted to fill a kiddy pool and clean her up. (The thought of plucking ticks just made my stomach do little flips.)

Instead of having a big outside dog which was the kind I grew up with, we have Jack …a nervous Yorkshire Terrier. Or a Dorky Yorkie as I like to refer to him.  He had a heart problem and the pet store didn’t want him, the breeder didn’t want him either so I brought him home as a companion pet to my daughter who has an autoimmune dysfunction and is sick a lot. Jack has been a good companion and he’s a smart dog, but he honks like a goose for the first quarter mile when I walk him.


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