Disaronno on the Rocks

So who hasn’t caught the Disaronno television ad for the past 7 months?  You know, the wispy woman with a tight pony tail who grabs the bartenders hand when he reaches for her empty glass, she stops him so she can pluck an ice cube to slip between her lips and the cheesy bartender cracks an even cheesier smile.

Really, what am I supposed to like about this advertising? Few commercials irritate me enough to want to write hate mail, but when that commercial kept running I honestly thought about sending the company a letter.

Anyway, tonight Disaronno aired a new commercial with twin Asian women, neither of them sucked on ice cubes in front of a shallow bartender which was an improvement but please Disaronno hire new talent.



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2 responses to “Disaronno on the Rocks

  1. woowooteacup

    You know, I’ve always found this commercial vaguely disturbing, as well. Haven’t seen the one with the twin Asian women, though – thank goodness!

  2. Here’s the thing, I don’t get their marketing strategy. You know like aftershave commercials where the guy is supposed to walk away thinking gosh if I wear Axe I’ll pick up more chiks. So in the Disaronno commercial what are they insinuating the potential pay off is? That if I drink Disarrono I’ll impress a cheesy bartender or that I’ll be inspired to suggestively suck an ice cube for a cheesy bartender? Maybe that I like the ice better than the drink… other than getting their name out there I just don’t see how this sells their beverage, I just wanted to flip the channel before she sucked the cube and for sure before the dick happy bartender smiles like he wet himself.

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