Bad Tasting Jelly Beans and Peeps

My mother once dreamt that she was eating jelly beans, ones with a funny taste. In the morning she woke to find her ear plugs in her mouth.

If she reads my blog this week I’ll be the one who’s crucified.


Several years ago we had Easter dinner with my mother. When we arrived she handed me a box of Peeps and said “here, I remembered to get these for you.”

Bewildered I replied, “I don’t like Peeps.” To which she said, “sure you do don’t you remember last year you said it just isn’t Easter without Peeps.”

Naturally I snorted, never having given the non-biodegradable foam a second thought let alone finding myself unable to celebrate Easter without them, “amusing, but I never said that because I really don’t like Peeps.”

In the end, my mother never did recall who said, “it just isn’t Easter without Peeps” but the phrase stood the test of time and has become a standing bit of Easter humor. Each year when we walk past the Easter displays someone invariably sighs and says, it just isn’t Easter without Peeps.

So this year and for every Easter to come remember…it just isn’t Easter without Peeps.


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