The Bunny in the Backyard

It was a quiet Easter, just the kids and I. I woke up at about 4 a.m. so by the time my son arrived everything was in the oven and I was ready for a nap but in no position to take one. My boys went outside and built a snowbunny instead of a snowman in recognition of the holiday since they are both in their early twenties I was hesitant to peek in the backyard to see what kind of snowbunny they meant and was pleased to find one with large ears. Afterwards we dined on a double glazed spiral ham, cheesy hash browns and strawberry angel food cake.

After my youngest son left for home I headed to my treadmill and put on 2 miles feeling haunted by the bag of jelly beans with the word Jelly Belly splashed across it, I hoped the miles would create a satisfactory distance between me and the words on the bag, then I dozed off for about a half hour. I woke to my oldest son finishing the dishes and I was grateful.

While our get together’ are slightly more festive, we were all a bit tired this year and everyone was glad to have a really low key afternoon to just relax.

I hope your Easter was just what you wanted.


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One response to “The Bunny in the Backyard

  1. LexRay

    Your sons sound immature.. I feel sorry for you. Worse then children I tell you.. How old are they supposed to be?

    Least you have an AMAZING daughter to make up for those two.


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