Bringing Korea Home

My daughter spent part of her winter pouring over information on becoming a foreign exchange student. Bubble-Girl loves to travel but she has a deficient immune system which makes her school attendance impossible. She decided if she couldn’t be an exchange student that our family should host one, a request I ignored…like when she says mom can I have a Husky.

One of the factors that swayed my decision was the fact that Bubble-Girl has to attend high school online, so she’s removed from the everyday high school stuff. Having another high school student around might give her a window into the everyday high school scene while bringing a brand new culture into our home. If we couldn’t send Bubble-Girl to an Asian culture, maybe we could bring the Asian culture to Bubble-Girl…I was softening on the idea.

What sealed the deal was Da-Young, a 15 year old Korean girl who said in her letter that she loves to read, talk, shop and preferred to be placed in a home with pets. Her letter was candid, light hearted and what the heck we have a number of pets to make her feel at home. She seemed a very good fit for our family and she is eager to leave Korea to see the Mall of America.

 Da-Young has called frequently and our families have exchanged emails and photos. She has decided that she wants to be called Rossana during her stay in America and will attend Royalton high school in the fall.  We expect her to arrive mid August and hope to take a short trip out to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands before school starts.

In the meantime, I have downloaded Korean to my MP3 player so I can communicate with her parents, I have also purchased Korean cookbooks and I will begin learning to cook some traditional Korean dishes. I admit that I was pleased to see that many seasonings used in Korean cooking are available anywhere but I think I’ll shy away from raw fish dishes.

This will surely be an adventure!




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2 responses to “Bringing Korea Home

  1. bubblegirly

    I’m officially Bubble Girl. How sad could my life get.
    Oh, I would appreciate it if you would take down the pictures of Seattle that include me in them 🙂

    Gee Wiz thanks.

    Ohh, and this isn’t the name that leads to the blog I told you about… In fact I bet you will never see that one 🙂
    This is just out of spite… Of the ridiculous name you have given me.

    What should I call you on my blog?? The Thing?

    Ohh I do like that.
    “And then “The Thing” laughed at her own joke… by herself… again”

    Hmmm.. Sounds good to me.

    Love ya!

  2. OMG, child you are pure sass…

    Bubble Girl, if I recall, you approved … I did ask.

    Really Al, finish some of your fiction, your a great writer…mean but really good.

    “And then “The Thing” laughed at her own joke… by herself… again”

    ..mean, but good.

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