Seeds of Change

I wasn’t really looking for a career change, but when a really great opportunity presents itself you have to jump on…tuck your feet and arms in and roll with it.

I took a job about 6 weeks ago which is why A Novel Spot has been so neglected. It wasn’t planned but I loved the job description then I loved the board of directors, the rest is history.

I worried that taking a job would inhibit my ability to continue writing The Eyes to See Grace. Fiction writing is so very different from any other writing that I just didn’t know if I would be able to do both. About a week ago I added yet another chapter to my book and proved to myself that I still could shift into fiction mode. I’m convinced at this juncture that my book is a universe and entity all its own and it exists independent of me, I just have to tap into it and write what I see.

On the flip side, I have less time to dedicate to writing but as my life begins settling into a new routine I am finding pockets of time to spend doing what I love the most.

In addition to adding a job I have also planted a garden. The main character of my book is a seed saver so this year I purchased rare heirloom seeds, tilled the back yard, purchased a greenhouse and created micro samples of Grace’s universe. Gardening is dirtier than expected, Grace doesn’t mind as much as I do. Nonetheless I have 30 crowns of organic asparagus, organic German butterball potatoes, Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Sugar Snap Peas, Monkey Ass Tomatoes, Vadalia Onions, Arrow Green Peas, White Cucumbers, Organic Roma Tomatoes, Brandywine Tomatoes, Rosemary, Thyme, Italian Basil, Lemon Basil, Lime Basil, Christmas Lima Beans, Cranberry Runner beans, Organic Yellow, Orange and white Peppers, Claytonia, Eva’s Burgundy Lettuce, Kale, Strawberry Spinach…and many others. My non-organic indulgence was to plant hundreds of Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn plants…a favorite of my family.

Suffice it to say I have been reading and studying in order to write Grace’s life, but I’ve also planted Grace’s garden, an activity my 26 year old son has helped with. He says gardening has a Zen sort of quality that he finds peaceful and relaxing. Some of the plants will be used for food, others will go to seed so we can add to the seed bank and plant again next year.

The frequency of my posts will certainly be effected, but gradually I am finding time. There are many things I like and that I am good at but fiction writing makes me feel larger than life. It’s like throwing open the window of your soul to a spring day and taking a deep breath.


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