You’re Screwed!

I considered using the bathroom before I left work but home was a short drive. After pulling out of the lot at work I remembered that I promised my daughter that I would make taco’s for supper and that meant a trip to the grocery store.

Once in the store it was naturally about 40 degrees, being cold and having to pee is especially unpleasant but I persevered. I even returned my cart to the cart collection spot in the parking lot then scuttled to my car.

After parking in the driveway I elected to leave the bags until I used the bathroom so when I came into the house I called for my son and dispatched him to the car as I headed for the bathroom.

Relief at last but as a reached for the toilet paper I noted a face and message on the empty roll that said, “you’re screwed!”




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2 responses to “You’re Screwed!

  1. woowooteacup

    Crap! Good thing you didn’t have to go #2.

    Okay, who left the face and the message?

  2. Hey my Mary friend…who else would do such a thing, little Miss Mom Can I Have A Husky? nothing was convenient start to finish… but I did laugh because I was so shocked to see this evil smiley face..

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