Breaking Dawn Book Release

At 12.01 St. Cloud Barnes and Nobles began sales of the much anticipated sequel in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. With over 200 adoring fans in front of my daughter St. Cloud Barnes and Nobles had us in and out of the store in 17 minutes…that has to be a record.

It’s now past 5 am and my die hard Stephenie Meyer fan has completed half the book and has finally turned out her light to sleep.

On another note, I was stunned to hear that Robert Pattinson got hate mail after being cast as Edward Cullen. Pattinson was a brilliant choice start to finish and I’m a bit perplexed as to how anyone could have missed that…I cheered when he was cast. There’s something about him that echoes back to a young James Dean or  Marlon Brando and I think he will be every bit as successful. I think Pattinson’s career an iconic American movie actor is fixed. It will be fun to see his career unfold to see if I’m right.

In 8 days we fly to Seattle for Stephenie Meyer’s book signing. I tried to get ticket in Chicago but to no avail, when I found the tickets in Seattle I thought it was so appropriate that we travel to Washington state for the book signing. I just can’t decide whether we should drive to Forks or not…hmmm, I don’t know. What I do know is that whale watching will be a must!

Our trip is a gift to my daughter who will turn 18 in just a few days. Our foreign exchange student from South Korea will arrive a week before our departure date to join us.


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