Details of the Trip

Who knew finalizing vacation details could be so time consuming. The most recent trips I’ve taken have been to destinations where I knew someone which mean some of the planning was shared. Today I purchased tickets for everything we want to do while we are visiting Washington State…whale watching required the purchase of ferry tickets which requires the purchase of all day parking and so forth…yeah, like that.

Here is my concern, 2 days before we catch our flight I’m having a garden party to celebrate the arrival of our exchange student, her birthday, my mother’s birthday and my daughters birthday. I planned to do the usual dinner party…loads of food, Alaskan Red Crab, Tri Tip steaks…a Korean dish and desserts which sounds great. I have a fantastic patio for parties and my back yard is loaded with massive oak trees that promise cool shade. While that sounds perfect, I think I’ll have to cut back. Whenever I throw a dinner party of this size, I’m always tired the next day. With so much packing to do and so many arrangements I think the garden party will have to be scaled back to cool desserts. I would hate to arrive on vacation to tired to keep pace with our busy schedule.

Sort of disappointing because I love a big garden party…


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