2008 Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair

I wasn’t going to do a craft fair post but with all the traffic coming across looking for information, I’m crying uncle.

When: September 6th & 7th

Downtown Little Falls

Saturday, September 6, 8AM – 6PM
Sunday, September 7, 9AM – 4PM

Bookin’ it to feature author Bill Meissner

The TV show “Friday Night Lights” is always trying to convince people it’s not just about football. Bill Meissner has a similar problem with his debut novel, “Spirits in the Grass”: Despite the ballplayer silhouette on the cover, it’s not just about baseball. It’s not even primarily about baseball.

“It’s part mystery, part romance, and part search for spirituality and meaning,” the author said in a recent phone interview from his office at St. Cloud State University, where he is the director of creative writing. “It’s got a broader base than Johnny hitting a home run in the ninth inning. I use baseball as a touchstone.”

Meissner, who will sign books Saturday at the Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair, burst onto the book scene in 1994 with his short-story collection “Hitting into the Wind.” He’ll probably always fight the stereotype of being a baseball writer, but if that’s the case, he’s part of a proud tradition.

“Baseball has that great magical quality about it,” said Meis!
 sner, who didn’t make his high school team in Baraboo, Wis., but now plays recreationally in St. Cloud. “Authors use it as means to explore other things. It’s a really a graceful game and it’s historic Americana.”


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