I Forgot that Sunflower’s Die

The sunflowers were in bloom today, the ones my daughter and I planted as a memorial to her dad. One flower bloomed weeks before the others, then it slumped over and hung its head. My heart hurt. As I walked to the house I wondered how I would face the remaining 50. I wondered if my garden would look like the people who stood in rows at his funeral. I forgot that sunflowers hang their heads when their season has ended. I forgot that sunflowers die.



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3 responses to “I Forgot that Sunflower’s Die

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  2. I was reading here and marveling at how witty you are, and then got to this one.

    I don’t know you, but those six lines made me wish I did, so I could leave a hug without sounding like an online weirdo.

  3. You didn’t have to know me, I got the hug…thank you.

    This year, in the spot where the single sunflower died, 4 came up and bloomed at the edge of my garden. Some how one seed ended up in among debris in the gutter, I assume a bird carried it off, anyway it grew up from the gutter and the debris from the trees that was trapped in the gutter must have held moisture from the rain and a little sunflower grew out of the gutter and then bloomed. It was so metaphorical that it seemed unbelievable… I know it sounds like one of those corny endings from some estrogen channel on cable but it really happened.

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