Free for a Limited Time, Neverwhere by Neil Gaimon

Neverwhere was on my to-read list and while poking around on the internet I discovered that the book is being offered  free for a limited time online. How cool is that:)

Note*** The links will take you to download Adobe Digital Editions..which irritated me at first because I didn’t want to download another Adobe whatever but since the system insisted I conceded. I was glad I caved on the stubborn thing because the Adobe Digital Editions is pretty… I’m a sucker for beautiful books, I purr then I spend money on them. The Adobe Digital Editions offers the pleasing aesthetics of the actual book, I think I even purred but this time it didn’t cost anything.

Once you’ve downloaded Adobe Digital Editions you can check out Harper Collins downloadable e-books.

If you run into technical difficulty here is a link to Neil Gaiman’s Journal there you will find a support link.

Oops, I forgot to mention…the limited time part doesn’t just mean the ability to download the book…the e-book will… return to electrons after 35 days.

Also, here is the online version:

Browse Inside this book

Get this for your site


***update: Also free from Harper Collins in Neil Gaiman Study in Emerald, MP3 audio download… I love men who read to me.


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One response to “Free for a Limited Time, Neverwhere by Neil Gaimon

  1. Jim

    You should check out the graphic novel version, which is good. I also have heard that it was made into a BBC show, and they may be redoing it.

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