Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun

February 21, 2009, Links have been updated.

On August 28th, 2008 Stephenie Meyer posted a daft of Midnight Sun after a partial draft was illegally published online. Meyer’s stated on her website that based on what happened that she no long plans to complete the novel and she made what she had done so far available to everyone who was interested in reading it.

Since my daughter plowed through Midnight Sun with an intensity equal to that of Twilight, it would be truly unfortunate if the completed story was taken away from everyone over the malicious acts of a few. Obviously, we hope she will change her mind, we have signed first editions of everything Stephenie has written we hope Midnight Sun won’t be the exception.

We are sorry for the betrayal. We hope her heart heals & when she feels ready, we hope she will complete Midnight Sun for all to enjoy, good books march on and remain in libraries and homes for decades. Despite its stilted beginning, Midnight Sun should take its rightful place next to all of Meyer’s books, not only for for today’s generation but for the generation of reader who will undoubtedly follow.

The Seattle book signing and concert rocked:)



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2 responses to “Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun

  1. Myra

    I hope the book is published:) everyone I know has been reading the other books and have been enjoying them!!!! We all were very dissappointed wen we heard that midnight sun will not be published.

  2. I still hold out hope that she will change her mind. Thank you for commenting.

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