Neil Gaiman the Anteater?

And no, it isn’t a bizarre shape shifting stunt.

I ran across this story while online yesterday. I logged onto Neil Gaimon’s website trying to figure out what a Robo Panda was, even better why was there a fundraiser to buy one for Gaimon. Through my investigations I discovered that the Robo Panda purchase wasn’t Gaiman’s idea but more of a prank played by Dan Guy who works for Gaimon.

While Gaimon was or is in China, Dan Guy hosted a Fundable fundraiser to raise money to buy Neil Gaimon a Robo Panda commemorating his recent visit, where Gaimon’s photo was taken with a Robo Panda.

Since the fundraiser was a huge success, Gaimon’s website received additional requests from groups asking him to harness his audience to help with other causes, one request came from the Staten Island Zoo . They have an aging anteater they would like to retire from the school visit circuit and requested help from Gaimon’s staff in securing the funds to buy a new one. The fun part is that The Staten Island Zoo has agreed to name the new Anteater Neil Gaimon.

Obvioulsy, we find Dan Guy, who has been left in charge of Gaimon’s website, more than mildly entertaining so when he asked for help in his most recent act of mischief, reblogging the Staten Island Zoo fundraiser,  we were only too glad to sign on as co-conspirators.  Help Staten Island Zoo puchase Neil Gaimon the Anteater.

As a side note, Dan Guy uses the word “trousers,”  do we assume Dan Guy is British or do we assume Dan Guy has been spending altogether too much time around Brits? Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend trousers for a Mexican anteater but I would stongly consider a nappy.


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