I had a house full of people yesterday. My oldest son played the role of Aaron McKinney in The Laramie Project in a community theater production at the college he’s attending. I spent most of the day preparing food and when everyone finished eating it was time to leave for the play which was about an hour away. The dishes were rinsed and nothing more.

By the time the play finished and we arrived home it was past 11 pm. I picked up a bit but was tired from the long day and went to bed. When I woke up I staggered downstairs noting that those who stayed up later than I did plowed through the food that was left then polished off the last of the bottles of Guinness which littered the counter top. I had a heck of time getting to the coffee pot but managed.

Once my coffee cup was filled I plucked my laptop and headed back for my bedroom closing the door firmly, I may stay here until someone designs a self-cleaning kitchen…otherwise, I think I’ll move.

– Jody



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2 responses to “Moving…

  1. Okay, woman, what’s up with the new blog name?

    If I were you, I’d stay in bed. I’ve often wished the kitchen, and the living room and bathrooms, were self-cleaning, but it hasn’t happened yet. Denial of the situation is the best defense.

  2. I was trying to find a format that had the features and the look I wanted. Struggled with a graphic for the customheader but liked the marble. Lost Marbles just felt right, everything I write about is sort like a lost marble…I just bought the url.) it will take a while to propagate.

    Too many long walks in the wind because my ear hurts. So, I’m hiding under the covers with my head under the heating pad waiting for it to go away:( When it does I’m putting sheet rock between the kitchen and the rest of the house…

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