Ready…or not

I finally packed away my summer clothes and unpacked my winter ones. As much as I love the season’s I’m just not ready for the bulk and the layers and I’m not ready to give up my outdoor living space or the trampoline.  I might prefer visiting the seasons rather than living in a climate where a 50 below zero windchill isn’t unheard of. 

It is only October and already my feet haven’t been warm in days. Everything is changing and different in ways I don’t like and I don’t welcome. In so many areas of my life, I feel like a kid being tugged along by the arm…whether I want to go or not. It makes me want to roll over, pull the comforter over my shoulder and wake up when its warm, maybe when change is a choice between things that I welcome.


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  1. I’m not ready for the cold, either. I had to take out my winter jacket and wear it yesterday. It’s so not fair. Can I throw myself on the floor and kick and scream?

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