A Note From Barack Obama

As stated previously, I’m a member of an online reading and wrting community called Good Reads (link can be found in the margin). I noticed in the last month that Barack Obama was also a new member of the community having authored a number of books . In reading his comments he indicated that periodically his daughter checks his Good Reads account but often he checks it himself.

That having been said, I took the liberty of sending him my hope for the future to which I recieved the following reply:

from: 1607516   Barack Obama
to: 1479167   Jody Scott-Olson
subject: re: Re: Thank you
Thank you so much for the support! I won’t let you down.


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3 responses to “A Note From Barack Obama

  1. sfokc6125

    Lets see if you can count his mother and father were not American Citizens. The state became a state in 1959 he was born in 1961 it take 7 years to become a citizen. Only born citizens can hold that office. But I am going to guess that you ether want to pay 50% of your hard earned money to a program taken fro ether FDR that failed of Carter that also failed . Or you are one of the ones who will receive the funds. Ether way it is of no consequences’. Homeland security is going to get the LA tape and that will bar him no mater what lies he uses to get in. We will not have a President that has ties to domestic and foreign terrorists . I also know you do NOT raise taxes and spend more when the dollar is down. You cut both to increase economy that creates job that creates revenue that gains the stock market. that is how it is done. You also don’t go after a a union base industry. The Coal miners don’t like it when you say you are going to bankrupt them and the towns they live and raise their families’.

  2. Let me guess you’re voting for Ralph Nader:) You weren’t one of the 12 streakers at the Obama event were you?

    Thanks for commenting!

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