What Will the Brit’s Say

The day after George W. Bush was elected to office 8 years ago my cousin Elaine, who is British, called from her home near Warwick England.  Under normal circumstances, she typically moves through a very proper line of questioning as is considered polite, how are the children-type questions before launching into the items she had really hoped to discuss. Except on this occasion she broke format and the very first words that came from her mouth were, “Good God, Jody…The Americana’s have elected a President who can’t form a complete sentence!” In order to fully appreciate her delivery you have to imagine a very clipped British accent pronouncing Jody, heavy on on Jo while leaning hard on the oh sound. It’s been a phrase I’ve repeated time and time again over the past 8 years…I expect she will call again post-election only this time with a very different message:)


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