Meeting Cujo

I try to walk at least 2 miles a day usually I do 4,  if the weather is nice or I’m glued to an audiobook I’ll walk 6 and if I eat loads of Italian food I grab my passport and cross the Canadian boarder…not really. Since turning our clocks back its become increasingly difficult to get my walk in before dark so earlier this week I took the dog and walked  after dark until I completed a 4 mile radius.

You might expect that walking with a dog would feel safer until you consider the breed of our dog. Jack is a Yorkshire Terrier a smart but ugly little dog with a tip-toe gait that often causes me to pause and listen for the inaudible ice cream truck music he appears to be prancing to. He almost never barks which is one of the reasons I selected him as the family pet, he is frequently pushed around by Lilly the cat, is periodically walked over by Hat the pet Chinchilla and he cringes low to the floor should one of my family members burp.

There are many things about this sad little creature that are redeeming, if you’re not home to let him outside he uses the cat’s liter box as his dog-world porta-potty. If I forget to walk him he brings me his collar then crawls across the floor on his belly a trick known by family and friends as “groveling.” 

While out on our walk I noticed that a dog, who is typically barking like crazy behind a fence, was unfenced and standing near a female owner in the street. Knowing this dogs voracity I immediately prayed that the woman had control of this large beast either by leash or by verbal command since she had clearly taken the latitude to let him roam free.

When the dog spied my small pork chop of a pup he growled low as barrelled down on us moving at lightning speed to the screaming horror of his owner. Naturally, I made the unintelligent gesture of stepping in front of my small dog at which point I was knocked backwards. The large mongrel nipped for my dogs throat and was introduced to my Nike tennis shoe, I knew if he latched on to Jack’s throat that he would quickly and easily be killed. The circular dance continued as I waited for the hysterical owner to figure out how to control her animal.

Having no collar on the mutt to grab the owner finally took him by the scruff of his neck pulling him towards their grass-less fenced in yard exclaiming, “well, what do you want me to do!”  Naturally an entire list of brilliant recommendation’s sprang to mind but the only one muttered was “try training him.” 

As I walked I wasn’t sure what angered me more, fending off an assault by a large, smelly, slobbery dog or by the ignorant owner who had the audacity to whin at me like her pets behavior wasn’t her responsibility.



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2 responses to “Meeting Cujo

  1. Good God, what is wrong with people?

    Glad you and Jackie Paper are okay.

  2. I can’t stand people who don’t take responsibility for their pets’ actions. The animal obviously doesn’t know any better, so the person should be held accountable for keeping it in check.

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