Backfield in Motion

I was out and about most of the day today and after checking off all the items on my to-do list I decided to make a stop at a shop where I’ve plucked a number of collectible books for just a few dollars. I wasn’t looking forward to the stop because I had already spent my entire morning in constant motion and hurrying around but stopping was perhaps the best call I made all day.

The last time I purchased a book from this particular shop it was a copy of A River Runs Through It, first edition, first print and I payed $1.99 for it, two weeks later I sold it for over $200.00. Today was not an exception because I found a first edition copy of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises which means taking the time to peruse the books was well worth the effort … I plunked down my $6.99 and paid for 3 books. After doing all necessary research I’ve identified the copy as a first edition, second issue: Scribners New York, 1926. 2nd issue because the word “stopped” is correctly printed on p.181, line 26 (in a true first printing the word stopped was printed with 3 p’s). Without a dust jacket it should fetch somewhere in the vicinity of $2,000.00… touchdown.

Update: First edition, first print of Cold Mountain, purchased today with the Hemingway copy for $1.49, market value $200.00… that’s a field goal.


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