Digital Refugees

My laptop has a C drive and a D drive…which means very little to me except that I understand that I have 2 storage areas but have only been using one. Suffice it to say that my C drive is jammed packed and my oldest son, Nick, explained that I need to start migrating data to my D drive or clean up my C drive. Since migrating data was like telling me to fly to the moon I started deleting stuff that I didn’t need. When my son returned later I told him that I freed up some space by deleting unwanted photos, his eyes narrowed ever so slightly and he said, “yeah….mom, that’s like standing in front of a burning skyscraper with a squirt gun.”

Sucks when your offspring get old enough to make you feel silly…on the flip side he efficiently migrated 7 gigabytes in audio-books to my D drive.

Thanks, Son.


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One response to “Digital Refugees

  1. Your son has a real way with words. And I can picture him saying them.

    Is having a clean hard drive like celebrating Clean Sheet Day?

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