Twitter Rank: Among the Twits…

I just logged onto my Twitter account and noticed that other Tweeters had linked Tweets to a webpages that tell you the value of your Twitter account and a page that gives you  your Twitter rank… as if my week wasn’t depressing enough.

Either I’ll expand my social network…or maybe I’ll just go back to bed.

Twitter Rank

Tweet Value

Now I feel like… yeah, like that.*fhc*CUbxv-hUUmlywT7gFOtyjqO06Tzr*EwbBiKkpSXQdnVpDneBf-iDiZjMsWeZa9jww4jArnw/Eeyore.jpg



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2 responses to “Twitter Rank: Among the Twits…

  1. woowooteacup

    Well, now I feel like Eeyore. My Twitter account is worth $41 according to Tweet Value. A cheap dinner date, woohoo.

  2. My twitter rank is 23.52 and Tweet Value is $432 for user xdynx

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