Like There’s No Tomorrow

With the upcoming holiday seasaon I’ve decided to reprint this post from December 2007: 

Last Christmas my daughter traveled an hour and a half to spend Christmas with her father and his family. Shortly after she arrived at her grandmother’s house her father left to attend a Christmas party. My daughter was angry, she had arranged to spend time with him but he had not arranged to spend time with her. Two months later her father died, he was 45. The Christmas they spent…or didn’t spend together was the last one they’d ever have.

Every event since his death has been a milestone, her first Easter without her dad, her first birthday without her dad and her first Christmas. Of course I realize that her father would have planned differently had he known but I suppose that is the point, we simply don’t.

Live like there’s no tomorrow:)



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2 responses to “Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. Although this is a short post, it’s incredibly powerful. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Welcome Marlajayne,

    Thanks for commenting.

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