Remembering Uncle Roger

Uncle Roger February 2003, Warkwick Castle

Uncle Roger February 2003, Warwick Castle

In 2003 I traveled to England to celebrate my cousin Elaine’s 40th birthday. My Uncle Roger arrived for the same occasion and I had the good fortune of spending a considerable amount of time with, not only my cousin but also with my father’s brother. Since December marks the anniversary of Roger’s passing I am posting photos from that particular trip as a tribute to his life.

Warkwick Castle, Warkwick England

Warwick Castle, Warwick England

London's Millennium Footbrige, known by Londoners as the Wobbly Bridge,

London Millennium Footbridge



My Uncle Roger spent his adult life living in England on the Isle of Wight. In his later years Roger moved back to his boyhood home, several years later he was diagnosed with cancer. At his funeral my cousin and I discussed Roger relocating away from his closet friends in England and his choice to be laid to rest where he grew up. This conversation was the inspiration for the following passage which I adapted and immortalized to fiction.

“Perhaps it is true to say that we are indigenous to the land we are born. I am of Minnesota’s earth, and though I have grown and left my father’s home excited to embrace adventure and newness, it is in age that the familiar draws me. Summoned by her terrain, her familiar scent color and shape,  sky to star, earth to tree, mother to child. Her voice carried on the wind, her voice calling me home.”
Excerpt-The Eyes to See Grace


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2 responses to “Remembering Uncle Roger

  1. Hi Jody

    Just doing a search on Dad and came across this. Thank you for remembering him. I miss him dearly. Take care, Grace x

  2. Time with your dad was too short…shame you can’t pick which relative you’d like to forfeit:) Hope you’re well.

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