Digging for Clams on Black Friday

I admit that going into Thanksgiving I was behind schedule. I planned on getting a bit of shopping in on Wednesday but ended up spending the afternoon helping my son get his car started. This meant that I would have to risk life and limb by making a trip to the store on Black Friday.

I decided to go the Wal-Mart so I could get everything done in one trip. Suffice it to say that the store was busy but it wasn’t overwhelming, I buzzed from pet supplies to the dairy case with ease and even found a check out lane that held the promise of a relatively short wait.

My satisfaction with how smoothly my shopping trip was going was squelched when the man in front of me began scratching his backside in a way that could be characterized as digging for clams

My insides did ill little flips so I turned my back to him and tried to distract myself by repeating the word “peppermint”.  When I was certain he had adequate time to completed his mission I turned back to the front of the line. As it would turn out, I turned just in time to catch him scratching and adjusting his… um, oysters. As his itching and adjusting dwindled, he became cognoscente of my presence behind him and he turned around as though I had just arrived, he raised his eyebrows and smiled at me.

In an effort to be polite, I returned a very small smile all the while desiring nothing more than a very hot shower and  a scrub brush sturdy enough to remove my first layer of skin:)


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One response to “Digging for Clams on Black Friday

  1. woowooteacup

    Eew! Sorry for your brush with shellfish.

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