5 responses to “The Arby’s Erection

  1. I got the same impression while watching the second commercial you referenced. If memory serves, the spoken language in the commercial also led to your conclusion that the Arby’s erection refers to a penis.

  2. I’ve been saying it was a penis for years but the last commercial was almost a confession. The most recent commercial does make a more direct correlation.

  3. John Sawyer

    Y0u have to “admit” it IS hilariously stupid. When my brother and I first saw it, we both guffawed, and almost performed a literal “ROTFL”.

    That said, it isn’t very appropriate.

  4. Mari

    It looks like a penis to me! The newest commercials only solidify that suspicion! LOL

  5. Agreed! I love Arby’s but would rather not have a penis logo on my beef sandwich!

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