Twilight Free Online?

I’ve started a new blog…under pretty much the same name. I’ve done this because I can’t post advertising in on my WordPress Blog. I don’t know how successful Adsense advertising is but I was curious and thought I’d take a swipe at it.

My first post is the same as this one, Twilight Free Online?

The answer is yes. I found it on a number of sites and you didn’t have to download it. Links to those websites are available if you click the above listed link and scroll to the bottom of the post.

Maybe I’m behind the curve but I really had no idea this was going on until I discovered my daughter watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2…I sort of thought that was still in theaters.

In the days that pasted I scoped out the site my daughter was on…it was a veritable video store. Some quality issues…but that was about it. When I noted an older film I wanted to see wasn’t there I did a Google search and low and behold linked to several sites that offered online viewing of exactly what I was looking for.  So far I’ve found Changeling, Twilight, the new James Bond movie Quantum Solace, Four Christmases and everything else you can imagine.

I’m not clear on the legality of these sites or how they manage to stay in operation. They appeared to claim that they have committed no wrong doing because they are merely culling the internet and putting the films in a single location…of course I’m paraphrasing.

That having been said, being able to view online didn’t and hasn’t changed my purchasing decisions. My daughter and I still saw Twilight on the big screen and we’ll still purchase the DVD as soon as its released. We’ll still go to see Australia and we watched a few minutes of Four Christmases which we didn’t plan to see in the first place.

Check out my new temporary site, check out the links to these movie sites and tell me what you think on either blog. Ethical, unethical…would you watch, wouldn’t you watch …thoughts comments?

Addition- Here is the disclaimer from  the Momomesh website:


The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages (as they are submitted by the public) – If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages. “ doesn’t host any content”

All does is linking to content that was uploaded to popular Online Video hosting sites like All youtube/dailymotion/youku/veoh/stage6 users signed a contract with the sites when they set up their accounts which forces them not to upload illegal content. Momomesh cant take the responsibility for any content hosted on other sites.

We have compiled and revised the presented contents with great care. However, we cannot guarantee that they are complete or up-to-date. We are not liable for external contents to which we provide a link.



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5 responses to “Twilight Free Online?

  1. I’m sure it’s illegal. I don’t feel any incentive to watch online, anyway. I’m happy with my Netflix subscription!

  2. I use Netflix online viewing …but don’t especially like watching anything online. When I did a search yesterday I was stunned at how many similar sites I found. It was jaw-dropping…

  3. Yeah, I like my DVD player. I rarely watch a movie in one sitting, and it often takes a few days to get through it. So it’s much more convenient for me to have a disc, plus I just got a flat screen tv as a Christmas present and I’m loving the bigger screen! I got a 32″, and for the last eight years, I’ve been using a hand-me-down 1980s tv. Prior to that, I was using a small black and white from the 70s.

    So I wonder why the movie industry hasn’t cracked down on those sites yet? Not like they don’t know about their stuff getting ripped off.

  4. narak

    Well for one, they can’t very easily. servers are usually located in locations where copyright laws aren’t strict (Sweden, Canada). also, if one gets shut down, it’s inevitable many more will pop up. piracy is a force that will never stop until the Internet if (god forbid) privatized, but I don’t see that happening.

  5. Thanks for commenting…I’ve been watching as new films show up weekly. Call me naive but I’m astonished.

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