Final Farewell: Shipping My Shoes to Texas

There has been no President I’ve held more contempt for than George W. Bush. It isn’t that his choices turned out poorly because they didn’t;  they turned out exactly as planned.

The objective of Iraq was to turn billions over to corporations like Halliburton… because people like Dick Cheney have Halliburton stock and will continue to cash in on the messy quagmire for the decade to come. All the rest of the garbage that the American public sits around and argues over is subterfuge.  While democrats and republicans debate freedom and American security the guys in Washington are making trips to the bank and have successfully hijacked the future earnings of kids who are right now sitting in elementary schools across the country.

When the Bush administration waved the banner announcing “Mission Accomplished” they probably weren’t referring to the war.

As a  farewell you dog gesture,  I’m shipping my shoes to George in  Texas:

10141 Daria Pl
Dallas, TX 75229

Tonight at 8 P.M George W. Bush, its finally over…


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