Clown Underwear

I’ve been struggling with being under the weather since Christmas. I don’t get sick very often but when I do I tend to be slow to recover.  I’m feeling much better but I tire easily.  Yesterday I managed to do the shopping then made supper and almost immediately fell asleep, today doesn’t seem a whole lot different. I wish I could sleep and read for the rest of the day….maybe the week.

This means that I’m behind on everything including laundry, so far behind in fact that I was forced to wear Clown Underwear until the wash was done.  Clown Underwear are the wrong size…so its similar to pulling a circus Big Top on a small bottom.  If Alexa and I both have a Clown Underwear day… it calls for The Fanny Dance in the upstairs hallway to mock the unsightliness of the unfortunate bloomers.



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8 responses to “Clown Underwear

  1. clown underwear is the number one killer among women under the age of 50.

    I just made up that fact.


    Good question. I have no idea. 😦

  2. Love your blog Otto Mann.

  3. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, Jody! Hope things are better soon.

  4. woowooteacup

    You have a great sense of humor for being under the weather. Don’t tire yourself out doing The Fanny Dance!

  5. It was only a Clown Underwear day for me…laundry is done. Whew!

  6. Thanks Amy, waiting for new insurance to kick in so I’ve been trying to avoid a doctors bill…I’m certainly mending. Hope you are well.

  7. o_O …let me grasp the concept: You keep a set of oversized underwear in case you run out of correctly sized? (when I saw the title I first thought of underwear with clown pictures *on* it. Note to self: Suggest clown-illustrated underwear to Victoria’s secret. Or fetish stores.)

  8. No, a purchase of the wrong size when my daughter was visiting relatives …most likely a suggestion as to what her grandmother thought she should be wearing or maybe she thought they’d second as a parachute in the event she fell off the roof. I meant to toss them but they ended up shoved in the back of the drawer…that is until the dryer broke down and we had to wait for a part to be ordered which of course then lead to the invention of the second floor Fanny Dance.

    Hanes is such a common brand that it no longer seems a mystery why 1 in 5 couples don’t have sex…

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