Today I Want…

imagesToday I want winter to end and menopause to begin. I want to take a long walk in warm weather. I want to read a book on the back patio while sipping wine and roasting Red Crab on the grill. I want Amish Snap Peas from my garden, I want the house to fill with the garlicky smell of Roma tomatoes roasting. I want the windows open, I want my sheets to dry on an outdoor clothesline. I want to fill a basket with fresh organic asparagus then fold it into a bed of Parmesan Fettuccine. Today I want my bare feet to feel the earth.



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3 responses to “Today I Want…

  1. Oh, that sounds so nice!

    Funny you should mention wanting menopause. I stayed home sick today and will probably be out sick either Monday or Tuesday. But someone on a group I read mentioned these two links, and I ordered some natural progesterone today. Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps!

  2. Sorry you are sick, nothing serious I hope. Thanks for the links but I haven’t started menopause which is why I was wishing – I’m already 47 if this keeps up I’ll loan my reproductive organs to Demi Moore.

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