While We’re on the Subject…

HouseSince we’re on the topic of creepy….

The house I live in is a 107 year old farmhouse that was recently renovated from floor to ceiling including the basement. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom so tiny that an average sized person would probably have trouble fitting inside with the door closed. The main floor has a large bathroom, kitchen and kitchen dining area, dining room, living room, my office and the mudroom off of the back of the house. The basement is finished  with a ceramic tile floor similar to what you would see in a foyer which includes my laundry room. The area in the basement isn’t used as living space, instead it houses my library of about 2000 books some of which are part of my private collection while others are used to buy, sell and trade online when I’m not employed outside of the house. The basement also has a enclosed furnace room and storage area which isn’t finished, the crawl space below the basement stairs where boxes of unappraised books await my attention and then of course, the room off of the book room where the washer and dryer are.

The wall behind the washer and dryer only goes half way down then opens to a very dark space.  I’ve never been back there so I don’t know the ceiling height but I can see far enough to know that it goes back at least 5 to 6 feet if not farther.

In every respect I like this house and I’m very comfortable here but I don’t like that space not even just a little bit. I’ve lived alone with my kids since forever so I’m not generally afraid of  anything… ever but I find myself unwilling to wash clothes at night because I don’t want to be near the creepy space. At times I’ve even considered asking my son to come downstairs with me which he would do without teasing me but I’d feel ridiculous and wouldn’t permit myself to act on something so childish.

Yesterday I went down stairs to switch loads and our cat Lilly was sitting in between the 2 machines staring into the dark space. I felt my heart climb up my throat but I proceeded with what needed to be done despite wanting to scream and run up the stairs like a 5 year old. When I turned around with the sorted clothes the cat was gone which was a relief because his staring seemed to validate in mind that something was back there…I reminded myself that it probably nothing more than a spider.

As I finished my laundry room business the cat suddenly sprang out from dark space  leaping over a small waste basket before he landed in the middle of the laundry room then ran like a bat out of hell upstairs. My bones turned to rubber and the only thing that prevented me from screaming at the top of my lungs was the fact that I slapped my hand over my mouth the moment the cat went airborne.



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8 responses to “While We’re on the Subject…

  1. spooky…. my photography trips have shown me that every space – even, or especially deserted ones – has its own emotional resonance. Some factories feel like ethereal, others feel sad, and some make you feel like you are not welcome there…

  2. woowooteacup

    I totally would’ve screamed had one of my cats gone airborne that way. You have more fortitude than I do.

  3. That’s so creepy! I was getting scared just reading. Of course, if it were my place, now I’d have to grab a flashlight and go down there in the day to poke my head in and look around.

    Out in my garage, there is a platform built across the trusses that looks like it was used as a kid’s hangout. There are a bunch of names spraypainted on the underside, and you can see a bit of shag carpeting that must be lining the platform. One side of the garage has boards nailed across the studs to form a ladder.

    I’ve been meaning to get my stepladder out and poke my head up there to see if anything is up there. Except I keep imagining that there will be skeletal remains or something, and it creeps me out. LOL! Such is the imagination of a writer. I should remember to check it out this spring. It’s too hot in the summer to want to investigate.

  4. You’d grab a flashlight and look? I’d hand a flashlight to someone else and ask them to look while I ran upstairs trying not to scream! I trained myself not to scream when the boys were little because it made them cry. Scared, scream then the babies sobbed alligator tears…I learned to cover my mouth fast in case sound escaped. The boys are so unaccustomed to me screaming now that when I do they frown at me like, “where the hell did that come from?”

    One day when I was on the phone with Ben a noticed a huge spider climbing up my jeans I screamed as I beat it to death with the telephone…then realized that my son was still on the phone, probably thinking I was attacked. When I got back on the phone Ben said, “spider?”

    Be sure to report back on the morgue in your garage! LOL!

  5. A well rehearsed chicken…

  6. LOL! If we lived closer, Jody, I’d offer to peek under that wall for you. I’m incredibly curious now! I’ll try to remember to check the garage this spring and blog about the results. It feels weird that I’ve owned this place for over eight years and there’s someplace I’ve never seen. Odds are there’s a bunch of useless crap up there left by the seller, though. I hauled a bunch of junk out of the house and yard when I first moved in.

  7. I hate disposing of other people property…especially television sets and microwave ovens. If you ever drive through my part of the state I’ll be sure to have flashlight ready!

  8. …any thoughts on the dress? I really like it but I’m afraid it would look really different…so many shipping charges if you return it. Maybe make a trip to Mall of America.

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