Nobody Cuts a Dress Like Maggie London

While shopping online this morning I fell  in love with this scarlet dress. Before logging on to the Nordstrom’s website, I checked out petite sized dresses sold in the same price range on other sites and they were just wrong. Either they were too boxy, or the hemline was too short or too long. It’s not that I dislike my legs, I just think that less is better and drafting a hemline below the knee on a petite girl just makes us look shorter.

Maggie London’s done everything right.

I’m normally not a fan of red but in this case its stunning.

Here’s the $10,000.00 question: if the woman in the red dress had more cleavage would the dress remain elegant or become too vintage pinup girl ..I honestly can’t decide.



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2 responses to “Nobody Cuts a Dress Like Maggie London

  1. You asked for comments on the dress in a comment on another post, so I thought I’d pop up here. Except you should know that I never wear dresses or pay much attention to clothes, so I might not be your best source of opinion!

    I think it’s cute, but the way the model is standing in the picture worries me. She’s sort of twisted funny, which makes it hard to tell how the dress would drape.

    As for elegance, I don’t think if she had more chest it would matter. I think elegance is more in how you carry yourself and if you feel confident. Although if she were very large-chested, I could imagine the dress not draping correctly, given the cut.

  2. If I remember correctly the fabric has some give to it but I don’t recall the exact blend. I keep looking at the second photo with Sophia Loren in it, just about the same dress but a curvier girl. The way she is standing makes it hard to tell but you’re probably right…I think I’ll give it a try. Worst that could happen is I get saddled with shipping on a dress I can’t zip all the way.

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