Wii Fit, Yoga Day 2

My son brought home Wii Fit yesterday and I’ve now done Yoga two days in row…yeah, I know. Let me first start by saying thanks for all the ballet lessons Mom. There is no question that its had a profound effect on my balance, control and flexibility, even at my age. I’m pretty good about exercising which up until yesterday consisted of walking. What I love about Yoga is how gentle it is and the subtle stretch felt great. Its been a long time since I’ve stood on one leg but I managed to pull it off respectably.

The best news is that according to Wii Fit,  I don’t need to lose weight. My Body Mass Index (BMI) is 22 which is what they identify as a goal…go mom. My Wii Fit Age is 46 when  I’m actually 47 so I was a little disappointed  until everyone else  landed anywhere from 3 to 12 years over their biological age… suddenly minus one year didn’t seem so bad when I considered pulling in a plus 12…yikes.

What I found to be the most entertaining aspect  of Wii Fit was that all the characters that my boys have created on the Nintendo Wii showed up during various group activities, characters like David Spade, Jerry Garcia and Hunter S. Thompson to name a few. While I was running with my Wii Trainer Anderson Cooper jogged past me, waved and shouted “looking good,” A compliment I greatly appreciated.

When Alexa did the same jogging activity she bypassed the rules and ran ahead of her trainer, shortly thereafter she  fell ass-over-tea kettle down a hill just as a frail-limbed, spectacle clad Mahatma Gandhi sprinted past her.

Wii Fit is the perfect addition,  I love to walk, just not on a treadmill.  Wii Fit give me new options over winter and allows me to work on targeted areas.

Now, when my bum goes into the air is that called the  Sun Salutation or the Moon Salutation?



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3 responses to “Wii Fit, Yoga Day 2

  1. woowooteacup

    Your description of the famous people showing up during yoga is so funny. Now you’ve got to have the boys create a Kathy Griffin character to chase after Anderson Cooper with loud-mouthed sweary comments.

  2. Kathy Griffin would be worth creating…now if I could only figure out how to dictate what the characters say. Gandhi whizzing past Lexx was hysterical…

  3. marina

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