Getting Back to My Book

I’ve gone back to working on my novel in the past few days. I haven’t put much time in because I have so many other things demanding my attention right now. In the past months it’s been difficult to pick it back up because I’ve been away from it for an extended period and when a worked on it last month the chapters I added changed the trajectory of my story.  I didn’t  nix the new direction but I did take time to consider the best strategy for reconnecting with fiction writing after  a long break.

Being very new to fiction writing I’m not only writing first novel but I’m discovering my process and learning what works for me. I don’t do outlines and I don’t write in any particular order. I have no doubt that choosing a less complex storyline for my first novel would have made my life easier but this is the story that commands my attention so it’s the story I’m determined to tell.

I’ve decided that after an extended break that I need re enter by picking the story up in places that are very familiar,  sections of the story that I know well in my head but haven’t written down, which was exactly what I did over the weekend.  I was able to reconnect with the story at a safe re-entry point and I plan to leave less certain areas alone for the time being.

Writing fiction feels like someone threw open the window of my soul. All fiction writing days are my best days even when I don’t produce my best writing. I like being in my book  as much as I like being in my life, I’m not sure that’s healthy but it’s true.



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4 responses to “Getting Back to My Book

  1. Amen, Jody. There’s such a deep connection to the work when you’re writing a novel. Even if I’m never published, I think I’ll always write fiction. I feel empty unless I’m working on a story and thinking about my characters. Sure, there might be stretches of time when I’m not actively writing, but the manuscript is still a part of me, and I still think about the characters.

  2. Hey Amy Hunter!
    I think having a novel published would be comparable to stepping into a room full of strangers wearing nothing but my slippers.

  3. woowooteacup

    I’m trying to imagine walking into a room with strangers wearing my slippers. Are they all trying to fit into one pair, or do they each have a pair identical to the ones I own? And they’re naked, right?

    Oh, wait a minute! Reverse that! It’s YOU walking into a room full of strangers with nothing on but your slippers! Got it. (Forgive me. This is my brain on headache.) Nope. I wouldn’t want to be in that position.

  4. Sorry about the headache…

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