Kenneth Lewis, Bank of America CEO: You’re Fired

After taking 45 BILLION in bailout money from American taxpayers, Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis paid out approximately 10 million for a 5-day sponsored event outside the Super Bowl.

While glutting our taxpayer dollars, Bank of America dished out cash for 850,000 square feet of interactive entertainment space where they featured items with their logo and solicited consumers to sign up for banking products. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bank of America claims that being the “Official Bank of the NFL” helps generate revenue and is part of the company’s “growth strategy.”

I’ve stated in the  previous blog post titled Jody’s Plan for Wall Street that I thought these CEO’s should be fired, in that post I listed my reasons. Seems Washington based consumer group Public Citizen agrees as part of a new movement called “Operation Accountability,” Public Citizen in asking American consumers to send Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis a pink slip.

To add your name to the list ———–> Kenneth Lewis’ Pink Slip



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2 responses to “Kenneth Lewis, Bank of America CEO: You’re Fired

  1. ideafreak

    Well, interesting idea. Please don’t forget, we as investors and shareholders (If you have a 401K, you’re probable are a shareholder in some part) have a part to play. They did not run a muck by accident, the investors demanded returns, high returns. We were willing to pay the price (in ignorance) if they could. Bonus paid for profit. We just forgot to include a shut off valve.
    In the case of BofA, stupidity followed greed followed a blind eye.

    I like your thoughts. Nice post.

  2. Great addition regarding shareholders and investors, thanks for commenting. I’m glad you liked the post, just thoughts driven by hostility and raw sure to check back when I post my plan for the education system (wink).

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