Moose are Overrated

After Ashely Judd took aim at Sarah Palin over aerial wolf hunting, Sarah fired back in an attempt to shame Judd by calling it poMoosepulation control and pointing out that many Alaskans rely on wildlife for food.

I imagine this would have been a wise sound byte to use when she was campaigning, as I recall Palin herself admitted that aerial wolf hunting was controversial and “a pretty big deal up here”,  I’m of course paraphrasing but still. If what she fired at Judd had any merit at all, you would have expected that she would have made that point on the campaign trail. Of course its not surprising that families hunt for food, I just don’t think their the ones who are doing it from helicopters.

I’m not at all opposed to hunting or people who hunt but aerial hunting makes me squeamish. It’s a bit like shooting dogs in a barrel…or was that fish?  Either way, it makes me think of that scene in Dances with Wolves where the Buffalo lay skinned across the landscape and the site makes the air leave my lungs.

I don’t know if Judd’s group is opposed to all hunting, it certainly doesn’t sound like it. But I think there’s a legitimate beef with aerial hunting,  on this issue I have to run with the pack…besides Moose are overrated (wink).

I understand killing something to eat…I just have no concept of killing as a sport. It’s reminds me of  those bumper stickers that say… Evolve Damn It!


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