Where are They Now…

CNN’s Jack Cafferty reported that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared that the world was in a “depression.” Later he recanted the remark calling it a slip of the tongue. Now Cafferty asks, is the world in depression? He went on to say that Britain will likely experience the greatest economic “contraction” .

Now that the Bush administration is out of office it will only be a matter of time before we see where his administration will go from here. As a warm up for what to expect I’ve tracked down America’s strongest allies on Iraq Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Iraq Adviser Sir David Manning.

Sir David Manning is now employed by Lockeed Martin earning 50,000.00 GBP

Tony Blair is employed as the Middle East Peace Anvoy. In 2007 Al Jazeera reported that British officials said that the US state department had been paying mr. Blair’s bills, either directly or indirectly, via trust fund. The amount remains undisclosed. Yesterday British newspaper Mirror News said “Blair accepted good poodle medal from George Bush despite 3,400 US fatalities.”

Corresponding news stories:

US state department ‘funding Blair

Blair Appointed Middle East Envoy

Tony Blair not “troubled” by Iraq when he’s still trousering cash from the situation


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