Jack is Ridiculous

Jack DogOur dog Jack is ridiculous..smart but ridiculous.

Jack tells us when he’s running low on wet and dry dog food, he also tells us when to feed the cat. Today when I called to my daughter and said that the dog wanted to be fed she came into the kitchen and dryly said, “Mom, the dog can’t talk.” I said, “sure he can. First he scratched at the new box of Lamb and Rice dog food then he scratched at his dish and sat down next to it looking up at me.”  Seriously, if you couldn’t speak English how much more specific would you be?

Anyway, what’s ridiculous is that Jack will no longer eat in the dark. If the lights are out in the kitchen and he decides he wants to eat he whines until someone flips on the light. This routine started almost a month ago, Nick was in the kitchen and shut off the light of when he left the room.  Jack was still eating when the room went dark which caused him to inexplicably fall down. First you heard the sound of his nails scampering against the flooring followed by  a sound thud as he hit the floor.

He’s a Yorkshire Terrier so he can’t fall very far but ever since then he refuses eat in the dark.

Jack dog, Jack dog…it’s a lonely old world when you’re little Jack dog.



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4 responses to “Jack is Ridiculous

  1. What a little sweetie he is!

  2. woowooteacup

    Oh, little Jack dog! Poor thing, now he’s afraid of the dark. I saw his picture and missed his cuteness and groveling.

  3. Yes, he is now afraid of the dark. Isn’t it crazy? Who falls down standing in the dark? No lights, no bones…no kidding.

  4. thecagoraproject

    Absolutely love your site. Would love for you to register and be a part our community.
    – Where Passions become Profitable

    P.S. I back linked you

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